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New Jersey Food Council Launches President’s Scholarship Award

In honor of Linda Doherty’s 20th year as president of the New Jersey Food Council (NJFC) – and her 30th year as a leader of the association – the President’s Scholarship Award is being launched to feature this milestone.

The NJFC Board of Directors is creating a $5,000 scholarship each year for this new award, which will be used to support education for the next generation of food retailers serving New Jersey consumers.

“In 2010, the Food Council established the Educational Scholarship Foundation with three NJFC student scholarships totaling $6,000. Over time, the fund has steadily grown to 33 scholarships, now totaling more than $100,000 a year with 25 individual member scholarships under the umbrella of the Foundation,” said NJFC Chair Andrew Kent, noting these funds consistently support NJFC members and their families.

Fundraising for the scholarships occurs during a NJFC Holiday Reception. To generate more scholarship money, the NJFC is launching an advertising journal to celebrate the new award and Doherty’s milestone for the upcoming celebration, set for December 5 in East Brunswick.

The journal will honor Doherty for her countless accomplishments over the years to promote and safeguard the state’s food industry. There will also be photos and testimonials of previous scholarship winners, as well as highlights of education and networking events over the years under Doherty’s leadership.

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