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New Jersey Food Council Creates New Scholarship Fund

Linda Doherty, who has served as president & CEO of the New Jersey Food Council (NJFC) for 20 years, was honored for her service with a new $5,000 “President’s Scholarship,” to be awarded annually to a student from a member company or their family member.

NJFC launched the scholarship through an advertising journal, which was distributed at the association’s annual holiday party in East Brunswick on December 5. Through generous sponsorships, NJFC raised about $15,000 to kickstart the new scholarship.

“Our new President’s Scholarship is in honor and celebration of the milestone of Linda Doherty’s 20th year as our president of the Food Council and 30th anniversary as a driving force behind the success of the association,” said NJFC Chair Andrew Kent of Glass Gardens ShopRite. “The Board believes it is a fitting recognition to establish this scholarship featuring Linda since the Foundation has grown under her leadership from the humble three scholarships to the incredible distribution we have now.”

“During her decades of dedication and leadership at the Food Council, our association has grown in influence in New Jersey and throughout the nation; expanded member engagement and reach; achieved substantial legislative, regulatory and legal victories; developed many emerging industry leaders; navigated us through the COVID crisis; positioned our financial strength and built our Educational Scholarship Foundation,” he added. “On behalf of the Board, we are proud to offer this scholarship award featuring Linda as an ongoing legacy to her years of commitment to our mission and exemplary service to the food industry.”

In 2010, the NJFC established its Educational Scholarship Foundation with three NJFC student scholarships totaling $6,000. Over time, the fund has steadily grown to 33 scholarships, now totaling more than $105,000 a year with 33 individual member scholarships under the umbrella of the Foundation.

What is so unique about the Educational Development Foundation, Kent noted, is that individual member companies join together under the umbrella of the Food Council Scholarship Program to provide their individual company student scholarships as well.

“The overall goal is simple: to support the families and associates of the New Jersey food industry,” Kent said.

The advertising journal honored Doherty for her countless accomplishments over the years to promote and safeguard the state’s food industry. There were also photos and testimonials of previous scholarship winners, as well as highlights of education and networking events over the years under Doherty’s leadership.

“Today we are in the season of hope and appreciation,” Doherty said. “I will always cherish this tribute and I am grateful for the meaningful friendships, association achievements, memorable events, industry programs, and legislative, legal and regulatory victories we have had over the past 30 years.”

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