New Jersey Bankers Association Endorses ICBA Securities

ICBA Securities® Inc., the broker-dealer subsidiary of the Independent Community Bankers of America® (ICBA), has received the endorsement of the New Jersey Bankers Association. NJBankers is the 34th state banking association to give its seal of approval to ICBA Securities, which provides fixed-income investment products and services to community banks.

“We are thrilled for the opportunity to work alongside NJBankers to serve community banks in the Garden State,” said ICBA Securities Chairman Dennis P. Doyle, who also serves as president and CEO of Great Midwest Bank in Brookfield, Wis. “ICBA Securities offers a diverse portfolio of investment products and has a strong track record of providing superior products and services, which will be put to good use for New Jersey’s community banks.”

Since 1989, ICBA Securities, a wholly owned subsidiary of ICBA, has offered broker-dealer services with an inventory of portfolio investment products to community banks through its exclusively endorsed broker, Vining Sparks. ICBA Securities specializes in providing high-quality investment products, services and education for community banks that help them create and maintain a high-performing investment portfolio.

“ICBA Securities understands community banks’ unique investment needs and is well-positioned to serve them,” said John E. McWeeney Jr., president and CEO of the New Jersey Bankers Association. “We are proud to partner with ICBA Securities and look forward to helping community bankers across New Jersey maximize their investment potential through this relationship.”

For more than 113 years NJBankers has advocated for the New Jersey banking industry before state and federal government and regulatory authorities. NJBankers also provides services and support in public and media relations, education, and employee health insurance benefit programs. There are nearly 100 banking institutions headquartered or with branches in the state.

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