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New Incentives for Year 3 of Charge Up NJ EV Program

New Jersey’s Charge Up New Jersey program, which promotes clean vehicle adoption in the state by offering incentives of up to $4,000 for the purchase or lease of new, eligible zero-emission vehicles, including battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric, is now moving into its third year.

Today, Gov. Phil Murphy announced the launch of a new affiliated incentive program that will provide residents who buy an electric vehicle with $250 to go towards the installation of a home-based electric vehicle charging system. This would be in addition to the $4,000 towards a new vehicle.

Additionally, $4 million will go towards condominium, apartment and mixed-use developments so that they can install charging stations in their off-street parking areas. Further, Murphy said that extra funding will go towards overburdened urban communities for similar installations.

Other new buckets include $6 million for tourist destinations across the state to install electric vehicle charging stations, and $4 million for local governments to purchase new electric vehicles at the state-contracting price. The new state budget is also putting $30 million towards state fleet electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

Murphy said that the programs represent approximately $60 million from the Clean Energy Fund.

“As the prices of electric vehicles continue to fall more in line with the prices of gas powered cars, we know this incentive can push more buyers to make the decision to go electric,” Murphy said. 

In each of its first two years, the Charge Up New Jersey program was maxed out, helping put more than 13,000 new electric vehicles on the road.

“We expect more of the same this year, and with a refocusing of this incentive on mid-priced vehicles specifically, we believe we can expand the appeal of an electric vehicle to more consumers,” Murphy added.

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