New Global Clinical Trials Database to Transform Drug Development Forecasting

Wall-based OZMOSI, an emerging leader in competitive intelligence and forecasting solutions for global pharmaceutical, biotech and investment companies, announces the launch of a new global website which consolidates clinical trial data from all around the world into a single searchable database,  Now anyone can use this free, real-time, global resource to search more than 280,000 trials covering over 3,700 disease areas to better understand and explore clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry.  By delivering a website that aggregates real-time trial data from clinical trial registries around the world into one single, easy-to-use publicly available website, OZMOSI has taken several large steps toward providing the industry and patients with ten times more downloadable clinical information than any other existing free global registry.  By offering unfettered access to more downloadable clinical trial information, a more intuitive user interface, coupled with real-time updates from international registries, OZMOSI is dramatically reducing the amount of time spent on aggregating clinical trial data from around the world.

With drug development costs skyrocketing into the hundreds of millions and the fact that only one in twelve drugs ever make it to market, the need for more precise planning and transparency around clinical trials is paramount. Now any researcher, hospital, doctor, or patient, can access real-time clinical trial data from around the world to research which drugs are being tested for a disease, what organization is running the trial, where it’s available, and dozens of other information points previously unavailable from any single database.  The first version of includes trials from the United States, Europe, and Japan; China, Australia, and New Zealand will be added by the end of 2017. In 2018, OZMOSI will provide access to 99 percent of all clinical trials around the world in a single, standardized, real-time stream that can be easily managed, sorted, and analyzed. eliminates the need to download and clean data before and analyzing it. The database downloads data in a user-friendly format and offers ten times more downloadable trial information than any other free platform. The database is a gift to the industry from OZMOSI, with the sole objective of creating greater collaboration among manufacturers to expedite the delivery of safe, effective drugs into the hands of the people who need them most.

“There is an opportunity to fundamentally transform how the healthcare industry works,” said Beau Bush, founder of OZMOSI and the visionary behind the project. “Setting profits aside and giving to the world is the right thing to do because we believe that free data should be free for everyone. By offering real-time information, ten times more downloadable data than any other trial registry, and by removing download restrictions, will provide greater industry transparency and incredible efficiencies, which will empower and encourage the industry to increase cooperation and collaboration on drug research like never before.”

By developing and offering this free, powerful, easy-to-use engine to manage the large, unstructured nature of clinical trials data, is poised to become the “go-to” resource for the pharmaceutical industry, researchers, and patients alike.

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