New Cancer Pavilion Announced for New Brunswick

Against the general backdrop of the American Cancer Institute estimating some 53,340 new cancer cases in the Garden State for 2020 alone, New Jersey’s only National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer center – the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey – announced plans for a massive, brand new cancer pavilion in New Brunswick that will reportedly include a vast array of complete services within the categories of outpatient care, inpatient care and research capabilities.

The yet-to-be-built, 12-story, 510,000-square-foot, $750-million structure on Somerset Street is slated to have services ranging from radiology and chemotherapy, to lab services and radiation oncology, with nearly 100 inpatient beds and 74 exam rooms housed within it. According to published reports, it may take up to three years to complete the pavilion, and its first associated public hearings are taking place, today.

The scientific and medical community’s understanding of cancer has exploded overall in recent years, as disease variations and patients’ genetic/other differences are accounted for via cutting-edge treatments. Advances have not only been made in the biopharmaceutical realm, but in every imaginable sphere ranging from surgical equipment to radiation, for example – and the new cancer pavilion is expected to include all these services.  Many patients and medical experts alike have previously told NEW JERSEY BUSINESS that treating cancer today is enormously complex because of all the rapid advancements across cancers’ nearly endless iterations.

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