NAI Hanson Finds Popular Russian Restaurant Chain its First US Location in Hackensack

NAI James E. Hanson, a New Jersey-based commercial real estate firm, announces that it has brokered a long-term lease deal for 4,500-square-feet of industrial space at 141 English Street Hackensack to Teremok USA, LLC. Randy Horning and Darren Lizzack of NAI Hanson secured the space for the popular blini restaurant that has 270 locations across Russia. The space will be Teremok’s first U.S. location.

Teremok will use its first US location, to prep food and service a multitude of fast-casual restaurants that the tenant will be opening in the area over the next few years. The site was previously used to service 15 Dunkin Donuts locations in the area.

“The scope of Teremok’s operations in Russia is truly impressive and we were able to find them a space which was previously used to supply restaurants, saving them time and money in buildouts,” said Horning. “Teremok’s intentions are to open two US. locations in Manhattan, and after being named to USA Today’s ‘top foreign fast food companies we want in the US’, we fully believe in their capability to successfully grow their operations and we look forward to working with Teremok as they expand their U.S. presence.”

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