Economic Development
Economic Development

Murphy Signs Resolution Designating ‘Economic Development Day’

As Gov. Phil Murphy and the State Legislature prepare to enact the next generation of economic development incentives in New Jersey, the Governor has signed a joint resolution declaring the second Monday in May “Economic Development Day.”

The joint resolution requests that the governor annually issue a proclamation calling upon public officials, business leaders, and the residents of New Jersey to organize and attend events to discuss job creation, economic resiliency, and how to optimize and streamline economic development programs to empower communities and continue to foster economic growth.

Primary sponsors of the resolution were Senator Robert Singer, Senator Loretta Weinberg, Assemblyman Edward Thomson, Assemblyman Sean Kean, and Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce.

“New Jersey’s geographic location, its talented workforce, and its myriad transportation option make our great state a premier location for businesses to grow and become part of our future,” said Governor Murphy. “Designating the second Monday in May as Economic Development Day will encourage our state’s business leaders to focus on creating an ideal environment in which our business community can flourish.”

“Today’s designation of a statewide ‘Economic Development Day’ honors and inspires our youth to create, build, and dream of a better New Jersey,” said Senator Singer. “The Garden State is blessed with a well-educated workforce, an ideal location, easy-to-access public transportation, and the best schools in the nation. That is why our economy will continue to grow and thrive. I was proud and honored to work with Duvi Honig and the Orthodox Jewish Chamber Of Commerce to put words into action on this effort to enhance New Jersey’s business network.”

“This creates an annual reminder that investing in business owners can help grow small companies and spark job creation,” said Assemblyman Thomson. “Linking government development programs with private-sector stimulus efforts, we can develop new efficiencies from existing tax revenue.”

“We are excited to work with Governor Murphy, Senator Singer and our friends in the State Legislature to establish an annual Economic Development Day,” said Duvi Honig, founder and chief executive officer of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, who championed the idea. “Designating this important Day will empower residents to work collaboratively to achieve their financial dreams.”

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