Murphy Announces Members of NJ Council on the Green Economy

Gov. Phil Murphy today announced the appointment of members to the New Jersey Council on the Green Economy. The Council, which was established under Executive Order No. 221, will be overseen by the Office of Climate Action and the Green Economy, and serve to develop a blueprint for expanding the green economy and building a diverse workforce to support the Administration’s clean energy and climate goals. Members of the Council include representatives from State departments, as well as leaders from chambers of commerce, organized labor, industry, utilities, green business, environmental justice communities, academia, small business, workforce development, and environmental advocacy.

“Ensuring equitable economic development and job creation through our transition to clean energy is essential to creating a stronger and fairer New Jersey,” said Governor Murphy. “The New Jersey Council on the Green Economy brings together a diverse and talented team of experts from both inside and outside of government. This group will build a roadmap for transitioning the workforce into high-quality, family-sustaining clean energy jobs that will provide opportunities for all New Jerseyans.”

“Climate change is not just an environmental issue, it is a social justice and equity issue as well,” said First Lady Tammy Murphy, honorary chair of the New Jersey Council on the Green Economy. “The New Jersey Council on the Green Economy will chart a course to a prosperous green future that provides opportunity to our diverse and talented New Jersey workforce for generations to come. The Council will work to ensure that the jobs created will benefit all communities across our state and bring us one step closer to a stronger and fairer New Jersey for all.”

“Climate change presents both challenges and opportunities for the interconnected issues of environmental justice and economic development,” said Jane Cohen, executive director of both the Office of Climate Action and the Green Economy and the New Jersey Council on the Green Economy. “The green economy offers a roadmap to address all of these areas by building a diverse workforce and creating opportunities for economic development. The New Jersey Council on the Green Economy will align a comprehensive plan to match our clean energy transition with the workforce development training necessary to create good paying, union jobs and new pathways for employment to help build a stronger and fairer New Jersey.”

Members of the New Jersey Council on the Green Economy include the following individuals:

  1. Honorary Chair: First Lady Tammy Murphy
  2. Executive Director: Jane Cohen, Executive Director, Office of Climate Action and the Green Economy
  3. Co-Chair: Shawn LaTourette, Acting Commissioner, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
  4. Co-Chair: Robert Asaro-Angelo, Commissioner, New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development
  5. Co-Chair: Joseph Fiordaliso, President, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
  6. Donnel Baird, Founder, BlocPower
  7. Tom Churchelow, President, New Jersey Utilities Association
  8. Francisco Cortes, President, NJ State Veterans Chamber of Commerce and Corporate Advisory Board Member of the Statewide Hispanic Chamber
  9. Dave Daly, President, PSE&G
  10. Kim Gaddy, Environmental Justice Organizer, Clean Water Action
  11. Aisha Glover, Vice President of Urban Innovation, Audible
  12. Lisa Jackson, Former EPA Administrator and Vice President of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives, Apple
  13. Sean Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, Isles
  14. Andrea Jung, President and Chief Executive Officer, Grameen America
  15. John Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer, New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program
  16. Kevin Lyons, Associate Professor of Supply Chain Archaeology, Rutgers University
  17. Debra Coyle McFadden, Executive Director, Work Environment Council
  18. Bill Mullen, President, New Jersey Building and Construction Trades Council
  19. Alli Gold Roberts, Director of State Policy, Ceres
  20. Charlie Wowkanech, President, AFL-CIO

Additional members of the Council include representatives from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, New Jersey Department of Education, Office of the Secretary of Higher Education, and the New Jersey Division of the Rate Counsel. The Council is committed to ensuring community engagement, as well as transparency, and will provide opportunities for public participation in the group’s work.

To learn more about the New Jersey Council on the Green Economy click here.

“When we unite the forces of economic development and environmental improvement, we promote the public good,” said Shawn LaTourette, Acting Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Co-Chair of the Council. “In responding to the climate crisis, New Jersey has the opportunity to create broadly shared prosperity from out of our greatest environmental and economic challenge. I am honored to serve as a co-chair of the New Jersey Council on the Green Economy, and am eager to help Governor Murphy seize that opportunity for the benefit of all of our residents.”

“The expansion of sustainable energy provides career opportunities for tens of thousands of New Jersey workers. I applaud the Governor and First Lady for their continued commitment to the Green Economy, and look forward to working with this distinguished panel to develop a workforce masterplan to meet our ambitious climate goals,” said Robert Asaro-Angelo, Commissioner, New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development and Co-Chair of the Council on the Green Economy.  Our involvement in this high-growth industry augments the training and job placement work we have already begun with offshore wind,”

“New Jersey’s economy has many points of pride, and we also have the ‘Greenest Governor’ in the country. This presents us with a unique opportunity, and a moment we fully intend to seize,” said Joseph L. Fiordaliso, president, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. “Governor Murphy establishing this Council on the Green Economy and creating a central office dedicated to evolving clean energy work will make the most of New Jersey’s commitment to equity and green job creation. I’m thrilled to serve as co-chair of this new Council and look forward to working with my fellow Council members, and our colleagues in government, labor, advocacy, the utilities, business communities, and academia.”

“Our nation is struggling with multiple crises from the economy to climate and from the pandemic to joblessness,” said Donnel Baird, founder, BlocPower. “Training and hiring New Jersey residents to lead the state into a greener, smarter, healthier future is the way that we will work our way back together — and New Jersey will lead the way!”

“I am honored to be chosen by Governor Murphy to serve on the New Jersey Council on the Green Economy,” said Tom Churchelow, president, New Jersey Utilities Association. “As the statewide trade association for New Jersey’s investor-owned utilities, the NJUA has noted many times that we can create New Jersey’s green economy in ways that both create good paying jobs for New Jersey residents and lower costs for the customers our members serve. Many of the projects that Utilities are currently looking to initiate will support the Administration’s clean energy and environmental justice priorities by cost-effectively enabling integration of renewable energy sources, while furthering energy efficiency and water conservation measures. I look forward to the Council beginning its work and to moving New Jersey towards a safer, more reliable, and environmentally sustainable infrastructure.”

“It is an honor to be appointed to the newly formed Council on the Green Economy,” said Francisco Cortes, president & co-founder, NJ State Veterans Chamber of Commerce. “I look forward to working closely with the administration and community leaders on the essential matter of transitioning to a green and sustainable economy with prioritization on clean energy and workforce development to power New Jersey for decades to come. Creating a roadmap for workforce solutions will not only be incredibly beneficial to the Veteran community but many diverse groups across the state.”

“Governor Murphy’s New Jersey Council on the Green Economy arrives at a critical moment as we face the overlapping crises of a global pandemic, racial justice, the economic downturn, and climate catastrophe,” said Kim Gaddy, environmental justice organizer, Clean Water Action. “Growing a green economy is essential to turning the tide. We must focus the state’s resources in creating good jobs, reducing pollution, protecting public health and making sure #BlackLivesMatter especially for those most vulnerable and left behind. We can’t afford to waste any time or money on doing anything that doesn’t do all of the above and I look forward to working with the impressive and diverse array of stakeholders on the Council, the Administration and the public in making it so.”

“Recognizing the intersection of clean tech, economic development, and equity is critical in designing policies to help address some of the most critical issues of our time,” said Aisha Glover, vice president of Urban Innovation, Audible. “I am looking forward to working with these diverse and experienced stakeholders to lay the path for creating an inclusive workforce and supporting our environmental justice communities”

“New Jersey has an opportunity to lead the nation on a just transition to a green economy,” said Lisa P. Jackson, former EPA administrator and Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives. “As a former Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, I know the state’s environmental challenges, but I also know its wonderfully diverse communities and talented workforce. I look forward to working with partners across all sectors to ensure we are supporting opportunities for all in the green workforce of the future.”

“Isles is honored to join the Governor’s critically important Green Jobs Council,” said Sean Jackson, chief executive officer, Isles. “As a community development and environmental organization, Isles has continually worked to connect those who have been left out of this economy in places like Trenton to future-focused green careers such as solar training, weatherization work, and lead remediation. We’re excited to get to work!”

“Investing in green jobs is investing in both our communities and our future,” said Andrea Jung, president & chief executive officer, Grameen America. “I am thrilled to be a member of this forward-thinking and important initiative to support New Jersey’s equitable transition to clean energy. I look forward to advising the Council on how every level of the business sector – from small businesses to corporations – can play a critical role in this new green economy.”

“I am honored to have myself and NJMEP included in the NJ Council on the Green Economy,” said John Kennedy, chief executive officer, New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program. “Manufacturing firms have long taken this seriously and led the way with Recycling and Solar Efforts throughout the Garden State. We are excited about the overall value this program holds for the future on personal, professional, and business levels. Being Green does not have to be anti-business if addressed properly.”

“It is an honor to be asked by Governor Murphy to serve with the NJ Council on the Green Economy,” said Kevin Lyons, associate professor of Supply Chain Archaeology, Rutgers University. “I am looking forward to contributing to the development of a comprehensive green economy strategy to support New Jersey’s clean energy future and the jobs that will be created.”

“I thank Governor Murphy for this opportunity to work with other stakeholders to ensure NJ’s green economy is good for workers,” said Debra Coyle McFadden, executive director, NJ Work Environment Council. “As we look for opportunities to maximize clean energy jobs, we need to make sure these are family-sustaining, union jobs with strong worker protections — and that they are accessible to marginalized workers who have traditionally been left behind. I am ready to get to work with my colleagues on the Council.”

“We look forward to taking part in the New Jersey Council on the Green Economy to ensure that building trades voices are heard as the State looks to set policy on a cleaner, more resilient infrastructure and economy,” said Bill Mullen, president, New Jersey Building and Construction Trades Council and retired ironworker. “We appreciate Governor Murphy seeking our input as this transition demands immense patience and tactical planning while the State weighs its carbon reduction options against the realities of our dependence on nuclear and natural gas power.”

“The creation of an Office of Climate Action & Green Economy will help ensure coordination across agencies and increased ambition in New Jersey’s efforts to tackle climate change,” said Alli Gold Roberts, director of state policy, Ceres. “Ceres is honored to participate in the Council on the Green Economy and is eager to bring the perspective of businesses and investors committed to moving towards a net zero economy and implementing the goals of the Energy Master Plan. Responding to the climate crisis provides opportunities to reduce the burden of pollution, create quality jobs, and build a more sustainable economic future for all.”

“The clean energy economy holds significant potential for job creation for our state’s workforce,” said Charlie Wowkanech, president, AFL-CIO. “This Council will help make sure unions and the members of the State AFL-CIO play a critical role in building the infrastructure of the future.”

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