Mount Sinai Health System Partners with Holy Name Medical Center

Mount Sinai Health System and Holy Name Medical Center announce a cooperative partnership to improve access to advanced care, expand clinically aligned services and provide meaningful academic opportunities for physicians and the community while driving down the high cost of care.

 Mount Sinai and Holy Name will work to enhance clinical offerings in the local community, sharing research and technological advances while providing cost effective personal care for each patient. Initially, Mount Sinai and Holy Name will focus on coordinating oncology and cardiology service lines focusing on national research initiatives, genetic assessments, physician development and potentially graduate medical education.  Both institutions are commencing joint strategic meetings to better understand how this relationship can be valuable for both entities and for their communities.

 “We look forward to working with Holy Name’s leadership as we continue to strategically grow Mount Sinai affiliations, “ said Arthur Klein, MD, President of the Mount Sinai Health Network. “Their commitment to excellence and to their community provides a strong foundation for our relationship.”

 “Partnering with Mount Sinai to provide enhanced value-based care to patients in their communities will ensure they enjoy long term care improvements,” said Michael Maron, President and Chief Executive Officer, Holy Name Medical Center.  “Many hospital collaborations have faltered because of unclear goals. We are different.  Holy Name and Mount Sinai share the identical goals and will significantly improve the health outcomes for patients in northern New Jersey as a result.”

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