Morristown Medical Center First to Implement BEACON Laser System

Patient Safety Oriented Advanced Energy Dual CO2 Laser System for Head and Neck Surgery

OmniGuide Holdings, Inc., the parent company of OmniGuide Surgical, announced that Atlantic Health System’s Morristown Medical Center is the first hospital to implement OmniGuide’s BEACON Advanced Energy Laser System.  The BEACON Laser System is the latest innovation among OmniGuide’s trusted portfolio of laser offerings, but is unique in that it offers the versatility of two distinct methods of tissue sparing CO2 laser delivery to accommodate multiple surgical specialties and physician preferences alike.

BEACON’s first method of CO2 laser energy delivery is through OmniGuide’s patented Enhanced Safety flexible fiber technology, which utilizes multiple mirrors as well as a protective outer cladding to enable precision and maneuverability within close proximity to vital anatomy.  Alternatively, as some minimally invasive surgical cases may require a fixated aiming beam to work in conjunction with microscopes and other optics, BEACON also features Line of Sight CO2 energy delivery via a direct-beam articulating arm. BEACON’s articulating arm offers multiple configurations given the surgical specialty for which it is required.  BEACON introduces a new, user-friendly interface replete with intuitive smartphone-like navigation as well as audio/visual guidance to benefit the surgical team’s focus on the patient while conducting complex surgical procedures.  Since BEACON was intended to accommodate multiple surgical specialties such as Gynecology and Otolaryngology, its internal components were designed to be insulated from vibration to enable greater mobility.  The end result is a laser that can be easily transported without the inconvenience of CO2 laser misalignment.

“While flexible-fiber based CO2 surgery has long been a preferred method of safe and precise laser treatment for complex Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery cases, OmniGuide’s new BEACON Laser System not only offers all the advanced lasing modes and settings that my surgical cases require, but also provides them all in a very accessible manner,” said Dr. Tom Thomas, Director of Head and Neck Reconstructive Surgery and Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) at the Leonard B. Kahn Head and Neck Cancer Institute at Morristown Medical Center. “With BEACON, my OR team can easily position, maneuver and operate the laser.”

“With the launch of BEACON and its dual lasing modes, OmniGuide reaffirms its commitment to enhancing the delivery of advanced surgical energy so that clinicians and patients alike can benefit from micron-level precision, all while preserving healthy tissue.  We are extremely proud to be able to partner with Atlantic Health System’s Morristown Medical Center, whose implementation of BEACON clearly demonstrates their commitment to advancing surgical technology while providing the best overall care for their patients” said OmniGuide, Inc.’s CEO John T. Buhler.

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