Morris County’s Premier Sales Training Organization Under New Ownership

Sandler Training of Morristown, an organization that delivers proven sales force development and sales management training, announces it has been acquired by Joseph Luzi, a seasoned and successful business leader who will now lead the company as its new president. Luzi brings an exceptional professional track record and a tremendous amount of leadership experience to Sandler Training. Over his career, he’s founded and built four highly lucrative organizations and shared his sales and marketing expertise with dozens of other companies.

Luzi is known as a strategic innovator with high executive intelligence, adept in applying technology to complex operational problems. Prized for his business-development skills and team-building abilities, Luzi takes creative ideas and turns them into valuable, profitable solutions that maximize owner and shareholder investment.

Chief among his successes, Luzi co-founded and built Advanced Health Media, now a $450M global enterprise software firm with 900 employees. He is also a co-founder and board member of iSocialSmart software, mentor at FinTech Studios, and former co-founder and board member at Polaris Management. His companies have earned multiple business awards during his tenure, including Inc. 500.

While Luzi formally takes the reins from Chip Reichhard, Sandler Training of Morristown’s founder and previous president, Reichhard will continue to be a leader as well as a trusted advisor to Luzi as the leadership team grows the company. Reichhard, who established the Morristown-based franchise of Sandler Training in 2002, will remain heavily involved in the marketing, sales, and training aspects of the organization.

“As my career has evolved, I’ve become increasingly focused on helping other businesses grow through sales and leadership training,” explained Luzi. “Chip and his team have already created an outstanding company that’s helped hundreds of businesses realize dramatic improvements in their sales and marketing efforts. I saw a tremendous opportunity to continue this work by building upon the success of the Sandler Training of Morristown, and, in turn, helping to improve the many organizations it serves.”

Sandler Training of Morristown will continue to provide exceptional service and expertise to its client base, and remains deeply committed to helping individuals and companies succeed through learning, coaching, and mentoring. Leveraging proven methodologies, Sandler Training helps its clients create lasting performance improvement by facilitating the development of new and empowering behaviors, attitudes, and sales skills. The organization’s team teaches a proven process that shortens the selling cycle and increases the likelihood of closing sales. This is accomplished through regular reinforcement training workshops and individual coaching sessions. Ultimately, Sandler Training enables individuals and companies to dramatically improve their personal and financial performance.

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