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MICRO Celebrates 75 Years as Full-Service Contract Manufacturer of Precision Medical Instruments

Somerset-based MICRO, a contract manufacturing organization specializing in precision medical components, sub-assemblies and complete devices for laparoscopic surgical procedures, celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. The family owned and operated company, originally called Micro Stamping Corporation, was founded in 1945 in Maplewood, with a focus on manufacturing high-precision metal stampings.

MICRO has grown to become a worldwide provider of medical device contract manufacturing services. Operations have expanded from 28,000 square feet to nearly 180,000 square feet, increasing manufacturing capacity to meet market needs. The company recently dedicated an expanded research and development center to showcase its cutting-edge product development capabilities.

“We are incredibly proud to celebrate 75 years providing engineering and technical expertise, fulfilling our vision to help our customers save lives,” said Brian Semcer, president, MICRO. “As a trusted and valued product development partner to our clients, innovation has always been the hallmark of our business and we continually seek ways to improve and reinvest in technology, equipment, state-of-the-art facilities and training to create new and better solutions for customers and their patients.”

MICRO was founded by four partners including Frank Semcer Sr., who worked at the company until 1986, retiring at age 83. Four of his brothers joined the company. His son, Frank J. Semcer Sr., joined in 1969 and purchased the company eight years later. Today, four of his children work at MICRO, which now employs over 450 people and has annual sales revenue over $100 million.

The company’s medical device division began developing ligation clips for use in surgical procedures and today produces over a million endoscopic instruments annually in its environmentally controlled Class 8 clean room. Its Design For Manufacturability expertise allows MICRO to help customers design products optimized for production, keeping costs manageable and maximizing return on investment. MICRO continually invests in new technology in order to take innovation to the next level and create and deliver solutions for its customers.

“At the heart of our company’s growth and success are our employees, who we consider family. We’re deeply committed to their development, which reflects our core values,” said Frank J. Semcer Jr., director of human resources, MICRO. “We routinely invest in our employees through competitive compensation, benefits and on-the-job training, while our culture allows us to attract and retain top talent. With continued success, MICRO provides opportunities and career growth to graduates of top engineering programs as well as high school graduates who elect not to pursue a college degree but want to learn a trade.”

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