‘Medical Economics’ Releases 2019 Physician Burnout Survey Results

'Medical Economics' surveyed more than 1,200 physicians and found that 92% feel burned out from practicing medicine

Medical Economics, a multimedia platform that provides resources for physicians that include practice management tips, health technology and expert voices, unveiled results from its 2019 Physician Burnout Survey. These results reveal how widespread burnout is among physicians, how they are coping and what they say has led to their feelings of burnout.

“More than two-thirds of our physician readers told us they feel burned out right now,” said Chris Mazzolini, the editorial director of Medical Economics. “Our exclusive survey shows burnout can affect all physicians, regardless of age, gender, specialty or practice type. Burnout has a direct impact on practice performance and patient care. Healthcare leaders and policymakers can help fix this crisis—but only if they start listening to physicians.”

When asked what has contributed the most to them feeling burned out, 37% said too much paperwork and government/payer regulations are the main reasons, and 19% said poor work-life balance/work too many hours. More than half of the survey takers are in office-based independent practices and office-based hospital-owned practices.

Feelings of burnout on the job have made 73% of survey takers think about quitting their practice. To feel less burned out, physicians are looking for more empowerment, more work-life balance, less paperwork and the autonomy to practice without micromanagement by payers.

For a breakdown of the survey results, click here.

Medical Economics is a brand of MJH Life Sciences, a privately held medical media company with office locations include Cranbury and Iselin.

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