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Manufacturers Accelerating 5G Deployment

More Than Half Will Deploy 5G Technology by the End of 2021

The Manufacturing Institute—the workforce development and education partner of the National Association of Manufacturers—released a new study detailing how increasing deployment of the fifth generation of cellular wireless technology will empower manufacturers and their workers. The study draws on a survey of manufacturers and dives into innovative ways specific companies are deploying 5G technology, including using it to address disruptions created by COVID-19.

Key findings include the following:

  • More than half (56%) of all manufacturers will be testing or using 5G in some capacity in their facilities by the end of 2021.
  • 91% of manufacturers indicate speed of 5G deployment will have a positive impact on their global competitiveness.
  • At least three out of four manufacturers see 5G transforming supply chains and factory operations.

“Manufacturers’ competitiveness depends on their ability to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations, and disruptive technologies are changing the way that firms innovate and produce,” said MI’s Center for Manufacturing Research Director and NAM Chief Economist Chad Moutray. “This study shows that 5G-enabled technologies will usher in faster speeds and enhanced connectivity critical to modern manufacturing, optimizing workflows on the shopfloor and the delivery of products and services. As manufacturers embrace 5G, they’ll be better positioned to thrive in an ever-dynamic global marketplace that rewards innovation and technological change. We expect the accelerated adoption of 5G will help companies expand and create more high-quality manufacturing jobs.”

View the full study here.

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