Metuchen, NJ

Manasquan Bank Donates Land for Park Named After First African American Voter

Manasquan Bank has donated land to the Borough of Metuchen. Formerly the site of the drive-through space of the bank’s first Metuchen branch, the site will be utilized to create a pocket park that will serve as an outdoor space for residents and visitors.

In addition to providing a new space for residents to enjoy, the pocket park was also dedicated to Thomas Mundy Peterson, former Metuchen resident and the first African American to vote in a United States election under the 15th Amendment on March 31, 1870. This was the first time any citizen’s right, regardless of race, had been federally protected. The park will be open to the public and serve as a reminder of the importance of civic engagement and the struggle for equal rights.

“I am proud of Manasquan Bank’s commitment to supporting the community of Metuchen and am thrilled to see our former branch location transformed into a beautiful park for all to enjoy,” stated Manasquan Bank President, Chair and CEO James S. Vaccaro. “It is our hope that this contribution will enhance the quality of life for the residents of Metuchen and serve as a testament to our dedication to giving back.”

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