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LSRPs Plant the Idea of a Career

The New Jersey Licensed Site Remediation Professionals Association (LSRPA) and its volunteer members are reaching out to high school, college and young professionals to inspire the next generation of LSRPs.

Outreach is crucial for developing the strength of the next generation of professionals within the environmental consulting industry. From the impacts of climate change to what science teaches us of the risk of new contaminants, developing more environmental professionals and LSRPs will be important to industry as environmental problems become more complex.

The LSRPA conducts high school and other non-college outreach programs each year to promote careers within the environmental industry. Through the presentations, students learn the background of industrial history and sources of pollution, notable environmental contamination events in New Jersey, and information about potential careers in the industry.

Students also are encouraged to explore the diversity of opportunities within the industry outside of consulting, including health and safety compliance, laboratory technicians, environmental law, and work within renewable energy fields and remediation contracting.

The presentation also includes an example of how environmental professionals evaluate potential contamination on a property for sale. Using insurance industry maps, aerial views and other available information, students get a look into how environmental professionals and LSRPs conduct an environmental site assessment.

Programs run by LSRPA members, with the cooperation and assistance of sponsor companies, also provide training to employees with less than seven years of experience.

Our virtual sessions included excavation safety, technical writing, and sessions to help visualize contaminants in ground water and their characterization through investigation and cleanup. Our in-person events included a soft dig and ground penetrating radar demonstration, drilling equipment and techniques demonstration, and borehole geophysical logging demonstration.

In 2023, LSRPA will hold a three-part series on understanding risks and liabilities of environmental remediation and site redevelopment in New Jersey.

The LSRPA hopes that continuing these educational, mostly free, outreach and training programs will continue to help grow and fertilize future environmental professionals who will continue to positively impact the environment and economy through increased natural resource quality.

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