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Locally Owned Cannabis Cultivator Starts Operations in South Jersey

Hamilton Farms in Millville has completed construction of its state-of-the-art craft cannabis cultivation facility and received regulatory approval from the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission to begin growing immediately.

The company believe there is a strong demand in the Garden State for high-quality, local cannabis products, but says the current landscape of cannabis cultivators in New Jersey is dominated by multistate operators. Hamilton Farms brings to market a locally-owned alternative.

“We’re meticulous in everything that we do, and we believe that’s a large part of why we have come so far,” said CEO Rahul Patel. “Whether you’re looking to tune-in and focus, or tune-out and relax, we have what you’re looking for,” said COO Kunal Lodaya.

While some existing operators have cut back on their investment in New Jersey, Hamilton Farms says it is committed to building a thriving cannabis industry in the state.

The company said its debut harvest is expected to arrive on dispensary shelves near the end of Q1 2024.

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