Lambertville’s Oxford Communications Kicks-off 30th Anniversary with New Website

Marking the beginning of its 30th anniversary celebration, Oxford Communications, a full-service strategic, creative and communications agency located in Lambertville, announces the launch of its new website.  The website features numerous enhancements to improve the user experience including new responsive design features, modernized imagery, better personalization, updated agency information, and refinements to its proprietary Oxford Client Portal.

The website unveiling represents the first in a series of planned activities commemorating its September 10, 2016 anniversary.  The milestone is initially illustrated in a subtle manner, predominantly in the custom logo treatment and other key visual elements. As the actual date approaches, new elements and sections of the website will be modified to give visitors a sense of Oxford’s rich history and vision for its future.   The website overhaul reflects advancements in coding technology and visual design that were not available when the original site was built.  Now, the site is fully responsive, adapting the presentation of images and text seamlessly to maintain the overall user experience on a variety of devices. In addition, the Oxford Client Portal, its break-through digital business management platform designed to streamline daily client activities, has been revised to enable the Oxford team to more effectively manage their online content.

“The updated Oxford website represents the start of a new chapter for the agency as we look forward to moving into our third decade,” said John Martorana, Oxford Communications’ CEO.  “Like the agency itself, we’ve designed the site to be a constantly evolving entity that gets stronger over time as we leverage the latest technologies and innovations to offer the optimal user experience.”

The branding and design features large, hi-res visuals, including images and video, accompanied by complimentary copy that is highly stylized, yet also minimized. This limits information overload and allows the user to expand or collapse content as they navigate through the site. It is created as a digital blank canvas that will be continuously revised to feature new content, such as projects, case studies, blog posts, etc. The home page, in particular, was conceptualized as a digital storefront window, constantly changing and updating using new design aesthetics and interactive technologies to promote Oxford and its services.

“As the portfolio portion of the website continues to expand, we plan to implement what we think is the next big thing within our industry: customized user experiences,” said Martorana.  “Based on the website user, their interests and behaviors, the site will serve up a unique experience with every visit effectively improving engagement by providing the needed information dynamically and intuitively.”

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