LabCorp and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey Renew Their Long-Standing Strategic Relationship

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey and LabCorp  have renewed their long-standing strategic relationship to provide comprehensive clinical laboratory services for the more than 3.8 million people enrolled in Horizon BCBSNJ health plans. LabCorp, which has been the exclusive in-network national clinical laboratory services provider for Horizon BCBSNJ managed care members for more than 20 years, will continue to serve as Horizon BCBSNJ’s exclusive in-network clinical laboratory services provider for its nearly 900,000 Medicaid members. Until January 1, 2019, LabCorp will remain the sole national laboratory for all Horizon PPO and Traditional members, and after that, LabCorp will continue as a preferred provider for those members.

“We are pleased to continue our status as the sole in-network laboratory for all Horizon BCBSNJ members,” said David P. King, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LabCorp. “As the exclusive in-network laboratory for Horizon BCBSNJ’s Medicaid members and an in-network laboratory for all other Horizon BCBSNJ members, LabCorp can be a physician’s sole-source laboratory, providing significant convenience to their offices and patients, in addition to our growing suite of tools and services to make lab testing more convenient and powerful for patients and physicians.”

In connection with the renewal of their agreement, Horizon BCBSNJ and LabCorp will collaborate to enhance the laboratory experience for both members and physicians, reflecting their shared commitment to deliver high-quality, cost-effective care. The companies will work together on programs to help reduce overall costs, with a focus on implementing value-based care programs and transitioning more laboratory testing from out-of-network and higher-cost providers.

“Lab testing is an integral part of the patient health care experience, as physicians rely on timely and accurate results to make important diagnostic and treatment decisions,” noted Allen Karp, Executive Vice President for Healthcare and Transformation Management for Horizon BCBSNJ. “For more than 20 years, LabCorp has provided our members and physicians with high quality, cost-effective, innovative lab testing, and we are pleased that LabCorp will remain in-network for our full membership and as the exclusive provider of lab services for our Medicaid members.”

LabCorp offers a comprehensive test menu, along with broad patient access points in Horizon BCBSNJ’s service area and across the U.S. The company’s consumer-focused initiatives include the LabCorp at Walgreens patient service centers, which will expand to at least 600 locations over the next four years; the LabCorp|Patient online portal and LabCorp|PreCheck, which provide enhanced, online appointment scheduling; the LabCorp|Express tablet-based system for expedited check-in at LabCorp sites and access to LabCorp test results; the ability to view LabCorp test results in Health Record on iPhone®; and Pixel by LabCorp℠, offering consumer-initiated wellness testing featuring sample self-collection anytime and anywhere. For physicians, LabCorp offers a range of powerful tools to streamline test ordering, result delivery, billing, and EMR integration, and to provide customized reports to measure quality across the continuum of care.

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