John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Offers For Dummies Brand for Custom Business Content Solutions

For Dummies, a Hoboken-based John Wiley & Sons, Inc. brand, now offers custom digital products as part of its line of Dummies B2B services for businesses.

Partnering with Dummies B2B services allows businesses to leverage the strength and instant recognition of the For Dummies brand to achieve their marketing and communications goals. In addition to custom print content, adverting and sponsorships, and brand licensing, businesses can now also take advantage of a range of digital products from Dummies B2B including: videos, infographics and mobile applications – all with the well-known For Dummies branding.

“The content marketing space is crowded, so businesses are constantly challenged to make their products and services stand out among the noise,” explained David Palmer, marketing director at Wiley “Leveraging the familiar branding of For Dummies allows businesses to create content that speaks right to the audience that they’re targeting in a straightforward and approachable way.”

From kick-starting product launches and boosting brand awareness to increasing retail shelf presence and reaching global audiences, customers like Coca-Cola, Deloitte, M&M Merchandiser and Google UK have used Dummies B2B services to grow their businesses.Glassdoor, the leading jobs and recruiting marketplace, , recently partnered with Wiley to create an e-book targeting marketers, recruiters and HR professionals.

“The ‘Employer Branding For Dummies’ e-book, available on our website, has helped us stand out as subject-matter experts, not only among current Glassdoor users, but also within the marketing and HR spaces as a whole,” said Alicia Garibaldi, product marketing manager at Glassdoor. “Of all the vendors I’ve worked with, Wiley has been one of the best, a true partner to help every step of the way.”

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