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Introducing the Redesigned ‘New Jersey Business Magazine’

There is something new about New Jersey Business Magazine. We have undergone a complete redesign, which you will notice when clicking onto our digital issue. We’ve changed the look of our departments, feature stories, contents page and front cover logo, which boldly announces our name as New Jersey Business Magazine. We’ve officially added the word “Magazine” to our title for emphasis because “New Jersey Business” sounded too generic.

At the same time, the overall “look inside the book” has become more pleasing to the eye. For example, our popular Business Briefs page has more photos, illustrations and graphics, and shorter and punchier news items. Our Table of Contents has reverted to one page, yet color photos now appear next to story headlines.

The departments provided by the New Jersey Business & Industry Association – Report to Members, At Issue and Upcoming Events - feature more photos, illustrations, graphics and white space, while still providing the important NJBIA member news our readers depend on. The same holds true for the Focus NJ reports.

Our feature stories and sidebars have new font styles and type sizes, narrower columns, more white space, and an overall stronger use of type styles and graphics.

We have also introduced three new departments - Main Street NJ, Healthy Living, and Ask the Experts, which were developed as a result of a readership survey conducted this past summer.

It is exciting to develop content for these new departments and work with the new layout guidelines. It’s a fresh new look, but our readers can still expect the same award-winning news coverage this publication has been delivering for the past 67 years. And for your readership and feedback, we remain extremely grateful.

All of these positive changes would not have been possible without Mike Sanchez, the creative director of the magazine and the New Jersey Business & Industry Association. His tremendous vision, talent and work ethic has delivered a more modern and streamlined New Jersey Business Magazine!

Enjoy the new look!

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