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Innovate100 Celebration Honors High-Tech Talent & Collaboration

Hundreds of brilliant minds from a broad range of New Jersey industries, institutions and organizations were honored two nights ago at the inaugural Innovate100 celebration. Held at the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center, the event not only recognized singular innovative leaders at organizations, but also collaborative teams because, as organizer James Barrood of Innovation+ says, “Innovation just doesn’t happen by one person. We emphasize groups of people within an organization, because successful innovation is due to collaboration.”

The night was not a typical awards gala heavy on long speeches. According to Barrood, the event was more about networking, leading to innovative collaborations. “We need to elevate how great this Innovation State is to the rest of the world,” Barrood said. “By collaborating through our collective action, we can propel this news to the rest of the world. Collectively, we can reach tens of thousands of people in the next hour alone [through sharing a LinkedIn Innovation100 post]. It will symbolize how collaborative we are and what a great innovative culture New Jersey has. The rest of the world will identify this state as amazing and that it is the future.”

The Innovation100 listing, which can be accessed at https://lnkd.in/eCaGChfK, has been created in tandem with the second edition of “Innovate New Jersey,” a 300-page publication and video series that showcases the people, companies, products, and services that are leading the race within New Jersey’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Barrood says both the listing and the book are ideal for promoting New Jersey to the world: “We live in a competitive environment, where everyone is jockeying to attract the best talent in order to have a vibrant innovation ecosystem. This book and listing will highlight and remind people that New Jersey is among the most innovative states on the planet.”

Gov. Phil Murphy, in a pre-recorded video shown at the event, underscored Barrood’s comments when he said, “Here in the Garden State, innovation is in our DNA. That is in no small part due to the Innovate100 leaders being honored, who are building upon the legacy of Edison, Einstein, and other legendary names … [who] blazed a trail right here in New Jersey. They are among the finest in the entire country and frankly, the world.”

Barrood says he couldn’t put the list and book together without support from stakeholders and sponsors including DEVCO, HELIX, Morgan Stanley, Nokia Bell Labs, Rutgers, The Green Group, the New Jersey Business & Industry Association (NJBIA), Innovation+, Aspire Studios and Middlesex County.

The complete list of Innovation100 honorees is categorized in the following groups: technology, academia, finance/accounting, healthcare, investors/banking, food, life sciences, real estate, manufacturing, legal services, government, architecture, energy, marketing/public relations, nonprofits/community, and innovators to watch.

The honorees were nominated via a survey sent to some 200 business and nonprofit leaders. A subcommittee vetted the nominees and selected the best from each industry category.

Access the complete list of winners here.

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