Immunomedics Awarded US Patent for Novel Immuno-Oncology Agents for Cancer Therapy

Morris Plains-based Immunomedics, Inc. today announced the issuance of U.S. Patent No. 9,315,567 to its majority-owned subsidiary, IBC Pharmaceuticals, Inc., for a new patent family “T-Cell Redirecting Bispecific Antibodies for Treatment of Disease,” which will expire in August 2033.

The new invention concerns methods of use of T-cell redirecting bispecific antibodies, created with the company’s proprietary DOCK-AND-LOCK® (DNL®) protein conjugation platform technology. The issued claims cover use of DNL® complexes that simultaneously bind to the CD3 T-cell antigen and the Trop-2 tumor antigen, which is expressed by many solid cancers. The claims specifically cover use of the Company’s proprietary (E1)-3s bispecific antibody.

The use of bispecific antibodies to redirect T cells for the killing of targeted tumor cells has shown considerable promise both preclinically and clinically. The company has previously reported preclinical results that showed (E1)-3s effectively induced T-cell redirected killing of pancreatic and gastric cancer cell lines.1 Furthermore, interferon-alpha significantly improved (E1)-3s-mediated T-cell killing of human gastric and pancreatic cancer cells both in vitro and in vivo.2

More importantly, (E1)-3s was highly active without inducing high-level production of secondary cytokines, thereby reducing the risk of cytokine release syndrome, also known as cytokine storm, which is often associated with immunotherapy using T-cell-directed antibodies.

“Redirection of T-cell effector functions is an exciting new approach in immuno-oncology research,” remarked Cynthia L. Sullivan, president and Chief Executive Officer. “We believe our novel therapeutic may be even more effective when combined with our antibody-drug conjugates currently in clinical studies.”

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