Homeland Security Certificate Program Joins CCC Curriculum

Ongoing threats posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Al-Qaeda and other anti-American and anti-United States government groups have made homeland security an industry constantly in need of trained personnel. In response to that need, Camden County College has created an academic certificate program in homeland security that will prepare students to enter the criminal justice or security administration fields with a focus on keeping the US safe from foreign and domestic terrorism.

Homeland security personnel seek to ensure, through a concerted nationwide effort, a safe and secure United States where American life and interests thrive and are resilient to threats posed by terrorists and other hazards. They also seek to prevent terrorist attacks at home, reduce US vulnerability to such assaults and minimize damage from any successful foreign or domestic strikes.

CCC’s Homeland Security Certificate Program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions while readying them for careers in such areas as Transportation Security Administration, border security and emergency preparedness. Those currently employed in the homeland security field may benefit from the professional advancement opportunities afforded by the studies offered in this program.

Specialized courses in the program include “Introduction to Homeland Security,” “Intelligence-Led Policing,” “Risk Management and Analysis,” “Emergency Management,” “Terrorism” and “Fundamentals of Corporate Security.” Academic foundation courses include classes in political science, international relations, ethics and English composition.

Students who complete the program earn 33 college credits and graduate with an academic certificate in homeland security. The credits may be applied to future studies at CCC and transferred to many colleges throughout the state, region and nation.


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