High School Students Operate North Jersey Federal Student-Run Branch in Paterson

The first of its kind credit union branch in NJ provide hands-on training and resume-worthy skills for high school students

Congratulations to the John F. Kennedy High School Knights and its new class of 22 students who are now managing the North Jersey Federal student-run credit union branch inside the high school in Paterson. The branch functions as a learning center for the students and is also a fully operational branch with the same services offered at other North Jersey Federal branches.

The new class of 22 students has undergone comprehensive training and are fully prepared and equipped with the knowledge to operate the credit union branch within their high school.  Although the students are supervised by a teacher and a full-time North Jersey Federal employee, the students carry the primary responsibility for the branch and its operations including marketing, promotions, and teller services.

Appropriately named “The Castle,” the JFK Knights originally developed the Personal Financial Literacy curriculum in 2011 to help students develop skills and strategies that promote personal and financial responsibility. North Jersey Federal Credit Union developed a partnership with “The Castle” that resulted in the first curriculum-based Student-Run Banking Program in New Jersey.

Through participation in this program and the completion of coursework, the student employees have learned how to include financial planning, how to save, invest, and how to give charitable giving in the global economy.

“Participating in this coursework is a unique experience for many of the high school graduates and a great way to learn about a specific subject matter but hands-on training and hard work are wonderful reinforcements,” says Lourdes Cortez, President/CEO, North Jersey Federal CU.

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