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Help Support NJ Restaurants with a Grant from Sustain and Serve NJ

Sustain and Serve NJ is a new NJEDA program that provides grants of $100,000 or more to organizations to support restaurants that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Sustain and Serve NJ application is a three-step process that requires applicants to list restaurants they intend to purchase meals from through Sustain and Serve. The identified restaurants must then submit materials in addition to the primary application form, and applicants are required to reviewed and approve each restaurant’s materials.

To learn more and begin your application, visit:

Sustain and Serve NJ is open to organizations that are legally registered to do business in New Jersey and have a demonstrated track record of bulk meal purchases from New Jersey restaurants.

Restaurants may not apply directly for grants.

Sustain and Serve NJ applications are due January 8th, 2021. To ensure completion by this deadline, we encourage applicants to start the application as soon as possible. Applications for Sustain and Serve NJ are open now.

Apply today at Please refer to FAQ or reach out to with any questions.

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