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HackensackUMC Becomes the First Healthcare Charter Member of New Jersey Innovation Institute

The New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII), an New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) corporation, has announced that Hackensack University Medical Center (HackensackUMC) has become the only healthcare Charter Member of NJII, and a partner in its Healthcare Delivery Systems Innovation Lab (iLab).

NJII applies the intellectual and technological resources of the state’s science and technology university to challenges identified by industry partners. Through its iLabs, NJII brings NJIT expertise to key economic sectors, including healthcare delivery systems, bio-pharmaceutical production, civil infrastructure, defense and homeland security, and financial services.

Tomas Gregorio, senior executive director of healthcare delivery systems for NJII commented, “We are honored to have such a prominent research and teaching hospital partner with us in our efforts to develop innovative processes and programs for the healthcare industry across our region. We will be working closely with Andrew L. Pecora, M.D., vice president, Cancer Services and chief innovations officer at John Theurer Cancer Center, HackensackUMC. Dr. Pecora is committed to developing novel ideas which promote open innovation and the use of tools and processes that encourage creative thinking.”

“HackensackUMC is pleased to partner with NJIT on this important initiative,” said Robert C. Garrett, president and CEO of the Hackensack University Health Network. “Our medical center has always been committed to partnering with other organizations who share in our mission of developing research and technology to better care for our patients. Through this iLab, we will be able to combine our collective resources to make meaningful advances in care.”

“HackensackUMC has been focused on research and innovation for many years. In 2014, we had more than 700 active/open studies offering more than 1,000 patients new options in care,” said Dr. Pecora. “Partnering with the New Jersey Innovation Institute is a natural fit for our two organizations. We will work together to bolster our research program and share ideas to continue developing solutions for tomorrow’s healthcare industry.”

“NJII is dedicated to supporting Hackensack University Medical Center’s efforts in bringing innovation to virtually every aspect of healthcare. We currently have a business unit of university executives from various departments and disciplines expressly created to familiarize our industry partners with university assets and programs. We have the ability to set up and run HackensackUMC-specific ideation platforms with our portfolio of healthcare cluster incubator companies to develop and pursue innovative program opportunities. We will mobilize NJIT’s intellectual, capital, and research resources to meet the specific R&D needs of HackensackUMC,” said Donald Sebastian, president of NJII.

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