Hackensack Moving Forward With Revitalization of Downtown

The City of Hackensack is moving forward with ambitious revitalization efforts throughout Hackensack’s downtown. The Main Street Business Alliance continues to fully support the city’s leadership as the work progresses.  Below is a project-by-project update.

Cultural Arts Initiatives

Performing Arts Center: In July, the City Council approved a $1.5-million bond to fund a new Performing Arts Center at 102 State Street adjacent to the newly-completed Atlantic Street Park. The Center will eventually replace the smaller performance space at 39 Broadway and expand the existing programming currently limited to the first floor at 102 State Street. The city is now seeking to establish a Cultural Arts Board that will oversee the expansion of artistic and cultural programming throughout the city.

Atlantic Street Park: In July, the city and Alliance held a ribbon cutting ceremony to open the Atlantic Street Park. The park will be the focal point of a contemplated Cultural Arts District encompassing the surrounding area.  The city is now actively pursuing funding from the National Endowment for the Arts to fully explore an arts district designation. The Alliance is supporting this effort.

Creative Placemaking: Working with the National Consortium for Creative Placemaking, ArtsBergen and the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation, the city and the Alliance assembled a Creative Team in February 2015 to help identify cultural assets and develop long-term strategies for creative expression in the downtown.  The Team (community artists, performers and educations) is finalizing a report of this work which will be available soon in the coming weeks.

Redevelopment Projects:

100 State Street: The 222-unit Metro Meridia project is nearing completion. Leasing offices will be open soon.

150-170 Main Street:  Demolition of the site is now complete. Construction of the 382-unit, mixed-used development project will commence in the coming weeks.

240 Main Street: In August, the city adopted a Redevelopment Plan for 240 Main Street to allow for up to 110 residential units and 3,000 sf of retail on Main Street.

133 River Street: In August, the city adopted a Redevelopment Plan for the former Probation Site to permit the expansion of the NJ Transit Regional Bus Terminal on the lower level, public parking and between 90 and 148 residential units.

210 Main Street: The developer for 210 Main Street is finalizing their architectural drawings to convert the former UJB building into 98 apartments with amenities and 3,300 sf of retail within the former bank lobby.

Two Way Street Conversion Project:  The conversion of Main Street back to two-way continues to move forward with the City Council and New Jersey Transit officials meeting in July to discuss re-routing bus locations.

Adaptive Signalization Grant: As a part of the two way street project, the city and county jointly submitted and was awarded funds for updating signals within the downtown that will offset the cost of the conversion.  A schedule for construction has not yet been determined.

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