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Greenway Products & Services LLC Opens New Central NJ Pallet Manufacturing Facility

Greenway Products & Services announced the opening of its new pallet manufacturing plant in New Brunswick. With access to the best roadway infrastructure in New Jersey, the large, new, manufacturing facility is equipped with efficient, streamlined, state-of-the-art automation for pallet manufacturing and re-manufacturing. The facility runs two shifts a day enabling it to produce over 30,000 pallets per week, supporting retailers and manufacturing logistics throughout NJ, Eastern PA, and NY.

Greenway Products & Services is a full-service pallet management company enabling manufacturers to concentrate on their core business when relying on Greenway to supply, clean, repair, and reuse pallets. Greenway Products & Services provides standard and custom wholesale wood and plastic pallets.

Greenway’s  President of Products & Services, Dominck Davi, reports, “The investments we have made in automation and the strong work ethic of our hundreds of employees has enabled us to achieve the industry’s highest on time delivery rate of 98.9%.”

“Greenway Products & Services prides itself on customer service. We always go the extra mile to make sure our business operates at top-notch efficiency to insure your products get where they’re going in a timely manner. Our new site and equipment are investments we made to insure we keep our customers’ business moving,” explains Davi.

In the pallet business increasing pallet delivery service and quality control is key.  Pallet automation equipment employs the newest automation, and computerization adds to the simplicity of the operation, while increasing productivity.

In its new facility, Greenway Products & Services, LLC has added automation equipment to increase operational efficiency. “The automated conveyor, bar code reader, and stacker are a boon to our customers, as it allows us to streamline operations yielding faster production cycles. In addition, the new equipment increases safety for our operators,” says Davi.

Greenway now uses an automated conveyor, a hydraulic stacker and three stacking sorting systems. This fully automated equipment enables Greenway to:

  • Automatically transfer wood pallets over a conveyor system throughout the plant
  • Bar code each component for quality assurance
  • Automatically sort pallets according to pallet grade identified on pallet’s bar code
  • Stack and destack with automated lines, allowing a pallet to be dispensed every five seconds

Any business that needs to deliver or move product between manufacturing, warehouses, and retail operations rely on pallets to quickly and efficiently move products between warehouses, trucks, shipping containers, and ultimately retail stores. In addition, the products must be kept stabilized while being transferred and protected as they are lifted by forklifts, pallet jacks, or front loaders. Pallets contribute to lowering handling and storage costs for all types of industries, including food and beverage production, landscape pavers, cabinetry and many more.

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