Governor Signs Legislation Providing Information on Public Works Projects

Gov. Phil Murphy signs S3129 into law, which will require the Commissioner of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development to create a list of labor organizations that represent workers who engage in public work projects.

Under the law, the list will include hourly rates, required fringe benefit rates, and regions in which the labor organizations represent workers. The list will be available on the Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s website as a tool for municipalities to utilize when planning public work projects.

“Municipalities planning public works projects should have access to information about the wages and benefit levels received by employees who are represented by organized labor,” said Governor Murphy. “I’m proud to sign this bill into law and require the creation of such a list to assist municipalities.”

“The public list of regionally based wage rates and benefit requirements will help municipalities and others engaged in public works budget for upcoming projects both large and small, ensuring quality work gets done quickly by skilled tradesmen and women,” said Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo. “The Labor Department looks forward to administering this new law.”

“Labor organizations play an important role in our country’s work force and for the quality of life for working families,” said Speaker Craig Coughlin. “This bill will provide localities with a more streamlined process to secure workers for public projects which will help to boost our state’s economy and improve workers’ economic status and working conditions. Another goal of this bill is to generate savings for municipalities which will help ease the burden on New Jersey taxpayers.”

“When a town has a project to get done, they want to do so in the most cost-effective way possible,” said Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson. “With this law, it will be incredibly easy for municipalities to search for laborers who will deliver quality work for a fair price. By giving towns a way to minimize costs, we will ultimately save property taxpayers money.”

“The process of finding workers to complete construction projects can be tedious and time-consuming,” said Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling. “The list created through this law will serve as a one-stop shop for localities looking for workers in their area and will help ensure they get the best price for the job. When municipalities save money, taxpayers are the winners.”

“New Jersey will become the only state with a compiled list of all labor organizations which represent workers on public contracts,” said Senator Troy Singleton. “The list will include employers who have been found to not have paid workers the prevailing wage. This list will also be incredibly beneficial for public works projects, allowing for the right workers to be found in order to complete a project.”

“This law provides local, municipal and county administrators with a new tool to more expeditiously hire skilled labor for public works jobs,” said Senator Joseph Vitale. “Some towns already employ the practice, but this law will require the Department of Labor to create the list for all mayors statewide to use. It’s another tool in a mayor’s tool box and reduces the need to add new, permanent government employees to the payroll.”

“This bill will provide information about public works projects that will demonstrate the wages and benefits that organized labor has been able to secure for its members,” said William T. Mullen, President of the New Jersey State Building and Construction Trades Council. “I applaud Governor Murphy for his leadership and his consistent support for organized labor.”

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