New Jersey

Governor Murphy Signs Legislation to Increase Judicial Salaries

S-1229/A-3685 (Sweeney, Sarlo, Scutari, Corrado/Coughlin, Lagana, Burzichelli) – Increases annual salary of Governor’s cabinet officers, judges, county prosecutors, and certain other public employees.

“Today I have signed Senate Bill No. 1229, which, among other things, increases the annual salaries of our State judges. This long overdue measure marks the first increase in judicial salaries in nearly a decade and is critical to ensuring that we continue to retain and attract quality legal talent to the State bench,” said Governor Murphy.

“As important as it is to make sure judges and senior public servants are justly compensated, we cannot allow ourselves to forget the more than one million hardworking New Jerseyans who are currently struggling to provide for themselves and their families on a substandard hourly wage. This is completely unacceptable – and changing this unfair status quo has been a priority of mine since day one.

“I urge the Legislature to move quickly to advance legislation that will increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour. A $15 minimum wage will not only ensure that all New Jersey workers can earn a livable wage, but will also stimulate and strengthen our economy.”

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