Chris Christie

Governor Christie Selected to Lead America’s Fight Against Growing Drug Addiction Crisis

President Trump named Governor Chris Christie as the chairman of a newly formed commission to address America’s growing drug addiction crisis.  The President and Governor Christie participated in an opioid roundtable at the White House, during which compelling stories were told by New Jerseyans AJ Solomon, former addict and founder of Victory Bay Recovery Center in Laurel Springs; Pam Garozzo, a New Jersey state worker who lost her son to a heroin overdose and is now a drug awareness advocate; and advocate Vanessa Vitolo, a recovering addict.

Since the start of his administration, Governor Chris Christie has placed a spotlight on second chances. Whether it is a struggle with addiction, a mental health issue, or a criminal history, Governor Christie understands that all New Jerseyans deserve a chance to reclaim their lives.

WATCH: Governor Christie’s Opening Remarks At White House Opioid Roundtable Discussion

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