Governor Chris Christie Releases More Than $33 Million From Fiscal Reserve

Governor Chris Christie today ordered the immediate release of $33.4 million in appropriations that were temporarily reserved under Executive Order No. 209 to maintain a fiscally responsible, balanced Fiscal Year 2017 State Budget.

“Following last week’s meeting of the State Health Benefits Commission, we moved closer to realizing common sense health plan savings and addressing a potential $250 million budget deficit resulting from growing state health care costs. Just as I released all Fiscal Year 2017 Transitional Aid funds last month as progress was made in attaining savings, I am now directing the release of more than $33 million in select appropriations that were placed into reserve under my Executive Order 209,” said Governor Christie.

State employee health care benefits cost state taxpayers over $3.25 billion annually. EO-209 was issued in July in direct response to the Legislature’s inability to responsibly budget for the State’s existing health care costs and force the enactment of common sense, reasonable health benefit reforms.

Until additional savings are enacted, the balance of previously reserved appropriations added by the Legislature will remain in reserve.


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