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Google’s $15.49 Billion Economic Impact on NJ

Google released its 2021 Economic Impact Report for New Jersey, revealing that it helped provide $15.49 billion of economic activity in 2021 to tens of thousands of New Jersey businesses, publishers, nonprofits, creators and developers who used Google products to increase their online presence and connect with the people and communities they serve.

More than 597,000 New Jersey businesses received requests for directions, phone calls, bookings, reviews, and other direct connections to their customers from Google in 2021.

Google is helping people learn digital skills so they can reach new customers and find new job opportunities. In New Jersey, Grow with Google has partnered with 248 organizations to train more than 258,000 New Jerseyans on digital skills, including public libraries, chambers of commerce, and more. The Google Career Certificates program provides online job training and prepares job seekers for careers in high-growth fields like data analytics and IT Support–with no degree or experience required.

To help more people access this program, Google announced a new $100 million Google Career Certificates Fund that aims to drive over $1 billion in aggregate wage gains to support economic mobility for tens of thousands of underserved American workers. The Google Career Certificates are also free to all community colleges and career and technical education (CTE) high schools to add to their curriculum.

Over the past two years, the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund has also provided $10 million in cash awards and support to promising entrepreneurs including companies like PeduL and MindRight Health in Newark. The investments have created a halo effect by helping these founders raise over $75M in venture capital. Additionally, Google for Startups announced a $7M commitment to the Latino startup community to help founders get access to capital needed to scale, and to support organizations working to grow a robust community of Latino founders.

Google is committed to being a partner to the state of New Jersey by creating jobs and economic opportunity and by providing tech education, workforce development and millions in philanthropic contributions to New Jersey-serving organizations. Since 2011, has awarded over $3 million in grants to nonprofits and organizations based in New Jersey. Since 2011, Google for Nonprofits has supported more than 5,998 nonprofits in New Jersey and in 2020, Google provided $16.28 million in free search advertising to New Jersey nonprofits through the Google Ad Grants program.

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