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GLTCannabis Keeps its Eyes on Medicinal Marijuana Market

Yesterday New Jersey voters approved the ballot referendum that legalizes the recreational use of marijuana in the state. However, one company, GLTCannabis of Egg Harbor Township, is keeping its eye on the medicinal marijuana market, not just in New Jersey, but in other parts of the country.

GLTCannabis recently announce its Maine subsidiary, VertiKal Tech, received a medicinal cannabis license there in March 2020. Currently, its new location in Auburn has the smallest footprint, yet the highest plant count in Maine. This optimal design can grow more medicinal cannabis for the state of Maine with less space.

Maine recognized the powerful growth rate of VertiKal Tech’s patented technology and swiftly awarded the manufacturer a medicinal cannabis license.

As GLTCannabis awaits the process in New Jersey to unfold, it continued to move its expansion plan forward as one of the top providers in the state of Maine, which now includes a world-class Iso 5 Tissue Culture Laboratory.

“Maine is enthusiastically committed to the cannabis and hemp industry and have praised our work advancing technologies for safer, more environmentally-friendly cannabis and hemp products,” said GLTI and GLTCannabis Founder and President George Irwin, whose fully integrated GLTCannabis subsidiary is controlling the value chain from its tissue culture operations, product manufacturing and distribution.

“GLTI’s focus for medicinal cannabis and hemp is to improve the quality of product so it can be a true medicine and the safest most consistent product science can produce.  Our state-of-the-art tissue culture facility supports other cultivators by providing them virus and disease-free rootstock that has been derived from advanced meristem harvesting and cell cultures from our bioreactors. Our vertical technologies produce more with less and in addition to our proven success we have already demonstrated, we can support the state’s medical and adult use cannabis program, this means faster and more tax revenues for the state,” Irwin continued.

“Our strong data driven and science-based success in the cannabis sector proves our patented, indoor vertical farming technology is ideal for year-round production. Our product is out-testing traditional bench grows, and we are providing the highest production per watt at the lowest manufacturing costs in the industry. This lowers our cost of goods so our products are more affordable. Contrary to other facilities being inspected through video chat, the state was so intrigued about our plant count that they insisted on a visit!” Irwin describes, “It was the greatest compliment!”

The technology partner of HOPE Holistic HealTHCare in New Jersey, GLTCannabis is deeply committed to its Jersey roots and hopes to be awarded a medicinal cannabis license in their home state.

GLTCannabis is a former cultivator for Compassionate Care Foundation and Acreage Holdings in New Jersey. The expertise and patented technology that GLTCannabis bring to the table proves their ability to meet the demand for the state and its patients. This added revenue within the state will allow GLTCannabis to provide living wages and profit-sharing jobs to residents; if granted the license there.

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