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GI Go Fund Distributes Thousands in Gift Cards to Needy Veterans for Thanksgiving

As countless veterans struggle to provide for their families during the holidays, it is the responsibility of all those whom our veterans fought to protect to take care of them in their greatest time of need.

With this thought in mind, the GI Go Fund lent a helping hand to those veterans who struggle the most, handing out over eighty $50 Walmart gift cards to veterans in Ocean County. The cards will be valid at any Walmart store, giving veterans the chance to purchase food, clothing, and toys for their families this holiday season.

The cards were distributed during the Ocean County Veterans Service Bureau’s Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Drive, where veterans and their loved ones were provided with a free turkey for the holidays and supplies for this year’s holiday. The drive is held every year by the Ocean County Veterans Service Bureau, and assists hundreds of veterans in need every year.

The GI Go Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization that provides assistance to all military veterans, with a focus on veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, by helping them find employment, access housing, and secure their educational and health benefits. The organization offers this support to veterans in need every year, as it has distributed thousands of cards throughout the years to veterans in the area looking for a helping hand during the holidays.

“I am so honored to have been able to meet these veterans and their families and have the opportunity to help them this Thanksgiving,” said GI Go Executive Director Jack Fanous. “But the reality is that veterans should never struggle to provide for their loved ones. To see proud men and women who served this country in so much need is a tragedy. These Americans were willing to give anything we asked of them, including their lives, in the promise that we would care for them and their families when they came home. It is safe to say we have broken that promise. Until we ensure that our former military personnel never deal with the financial issues that I saw today, we do not deserve to call ourselves Americans.”

The GI Go Fund will continue to offer thousands more in gift cards to veterans in need throughout Ocean county and surrounding areas between now and the end of the year.

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