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Gateway Development Corporation Launches Enhanced Media Center

A newly relaunched and improved media center now live on the Gateway Program Development Corporation website includes new photos and video of the existing 108 year-old North River Tunnel, renderings and animations of the future Portal North Bridge and Hudson River Tunnel and fact sheets on various elements of the program.

The new content is intended to help inform the public about the Gateway Program and assist the press in reporting accurate and timely information.  The media center also includes a catalogue of GDC news releases and public statements and will continue to add new material regularly.

“The GDC Media Center is another way to keep the public and our many stakeholders informed of the latest developments in the Gateway Program,” said GDC Chairman Jerry Zaro.  “Our commitment to transparency and accountability is matched by our commitment to getting these projects done for the benefit of the region and the nation.”

“With projects that are often out of sight of public view, and literally underground, it’s vital that we keep stakeholders informed via images and updates,” said Stephen Sigmund, GDC Chief of Public Outreach.  “The high level of interest in the projects and importance to the region and nation makes it all the more important to ensure public discourse is informed by the facts.”

The GDC website also includes a Work With Us section featuring open procurement opportunities and access for qualified firms to the Hudson Tunnel Project Pre-Procurement Virtual Data Room, as well as a calendar and repository of materials distributed and/or presented at GDC board meetings.

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