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5 Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Website

Dear Small Business Advisor,

I need help upgrading my website, but I have a limited budget. What are my options?

Any new or existing business often undervalues the importance of a strong website and getting found on popular search engines such as Google. If someone searches for a business like yours on Google and you are not prominent in the search results, you simply miss out on a potential client.

A well-designed website that clearly and elegantly expresses your business has its own individual benefit, but it also elevates the response from any other advertising or marketing vehicle you choose to try in the future.

Many business owners that have an outdated website remain stagnant, perhaps waiting till they feel financially ready to invest in a new site. The paradox is the loss in potential is usually more costly than the investment itself.

Brian Lawrence, a website designer and SEO authority based in Teaneck, suggests these simple and inexpensive ways to improve your website:

  1. Have a click to call/text or email that hovers down as anyone scrolls through your website so they can easily contact you. This is particularly important on a mobile device when it is more difficult to type in phone numbers or email addresses.
  2. Include authentic testimonials and encouraging calls to action on every page. For many local businesses, a two-way conversation is the desired goal. Also have an easy-to-fill-out contact form.
  3. Make sure there is never too much text visible at any time. Most site visitors skim web pages rather than carefully read them. It is better to have strong non-bragging headlines that speak to benefits of why a visitor should contact you. Vary pockets of text with bullets that show benefits.
  4. In your Google Business Profile, complete as many fields as possible including the Google Business Profile website. Add photos and posts on a weekly basis, and encourage reviews and respond to them within 48 hours. Just these steps can move the needle on your local ranking.
  5. Don’t just stop at Google as a place to list your business. There are many different directories where you can establish listings that give you visibility for free. Especially make sure you establish a profile on Bing, Yahoo, and Apple Maps (if you have a physical location).

About the Author:

Bruce Freeman launched and successfully ran his own high-tech public relations company, Proline Communications, after leaving a management position at a major technology publication firm. For the past 20 years, he has served as Professor of Marketing at the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University. He is co-author of the start-up guide, “Birthing the Elephant” (Penguin Random House).

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