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Exothermic Molding Recognized in

Exothermic Molding, Inc. of Kenilworth has been recognized as one of the best New Jersey plastics and rubber manufacturers in, a London-based publication.’s mission is to promote the greatest American companies, businesses and innovations on the global stage.

The company has pioneered new technologies in plastics molding and has served the medical device and instrument manufacturers industry with its specialty parts design and fabrication needs. More recently, Exothermic began to branch out and serve other verticals such as home fitness equipment, robotics and defense manufacturers.

Additionally, company president, Paul K. Steck, has recently been invited to join the Industry Action Team for the state funded “New Jersey Pathways to Career Opportunities”.

New Jersey’s Community Colleges and the New Jersey Business and Industry Association (the largest association of businesses in the state) have partnered with employers, industry associations, labor unions, education institutions, and workforce development partners to provide students and workers with the career pathways they need to find new careers and opportunity, and to ensure that employers have access to a highly skilled workforce to meet critical labor market needs.

Exothermic Molding just celebrated 50 years in business, and has made a commitment to aggressively recruiting, hiring, apprenticeships and promoting workers, many of whom are of diverse ethnic origins. The company has also participated in reentry programs to hire the formerly incarcerated.

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