EXL Launches its Digital Experience Center in Jersey City

EXL, a leading operations management and analytics company, announced that it has launched its state-of-the-art Digital Experience Center in Jersey City.  Located just 20 minutes from Manhattan, the Digital Experience Center is a highly collaborative space to design and architect digital solutions that transform clients’ businesses.

The Digital Experience Center is a hands-on, experiential laboratory where EXL, clients and partners can actively work with technologies such as advance automation, robotics, analytics, machine learning, natural language processing, IoT, cognition and other techniques. The center is a perfect environment to use EXL’s design thinking techniques to reimagine the way that businesses work, prototype solutions and processes, and assess the transformational impact that digital interventions will have on customer experience, operational performance and enterprise cost structures.

“By experimenting in a collaborative environment, those who visit the Digital Experience Center can quickly explore how they can disrupt their organizations in the digital age,” said Rohit Kapoor, vice chairman and CEO, EXL. “Designed to bring together the physical and virtual worlds, the center will make the power of digital transformation more tangible to our clients.”

With the Digital Experience Center, EXL demonstrates its commitment to investing in innovation that improves customer experience and transforms operating models. The center, located at 10 Exchange Place, Jersey City, adds to EXL’s roster of innovation labs around the world, with similar facilities in India and the Philippines.

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