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Eleanor Health Expands to NJ

Whole person mental health services provider to offer virtual recovery assistance for all New Jerseyans

Eleanor Health, an addiction and mental health services provider designed to deliver whole-person, long-term treatment for substance use focused on patient recovery outcomes and modeled on value-based care, opened its virtual doors across New Jersey, with a clinic site in Camden County.

“The cleanest, friendliest  place you could imagine. Everyone there seems to sincerely care about your success, they are extremely  accommodating and always happy to help. The receptionists are efficient and kind, the medical staff is considerate and knowledgeable, the counselors are genuine and easy to talk to. If your goal is a successful, long-term recovery then this is definitely the right place,” said one Eleanor Health community member.

Eleanor Health, which is now in-network with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Horizon BCBSNJ) the state’s largest health insurer — serves persons with substance use disorders and those at risk of developing misuse of opioids, alcohol, nicotine and other substances. The New Jersey care team will provide virtual care for individuals across the entire state, as well as open the Cherry Hill outpatient location for exceptional circumstances, including for those who are unable to connect virtually.   The clinic will be the sixth site Eleanor has opened, with five  in North Carolina. You can get to know the facility and care team virtually here.

“We are in unprecedented times in our nation as New Jerseyans are encouraged to stay at home. During times of uncertainty and isolation, many people are using alcohol and other substances to cope, or are struggling with their recovery,” stated Eleanor Health Co-Founder and CEO, Corbin Petro.  “Because we recognize the increased need  for mental health services,  higher incidences of alcohol and other drug use, and decreased access to addiction treatment as a result of  COVID-19 and social distancing, Eleanor Health is proud to virtually provide our full suite of services to New Jerseyans.  Our virtual services include our full care model of MAT, psychiatric management, therapy, nurse care navigation and recovery support services.”

“With the overarching goal of creating a whole-person and integrated care support system for our 3.5 million members, Horizon is methodically expanding our existing provider network to include best-in-class organizations such as Eleanor Health to provide a full range of services to help individuals receive the treatment, support and behavioral health services they need,” said Suzanne Kunis, vice-president of Behavioral Health at Horizon BCBSNJ. “Eleanor Health’s arrival to New Jersey signals this commitment to our members. Eleanor Health’s ability to deliver services through virtual means during this shelter-in-place environment is both perfectly timed and vitally important to patient sobriety and recovery,” Kunis said.

Eleanor Health is rethinking how to treat addiction with a cutting-edge approach  designed to meet patients where they are in their recovery journey, through outpatient clinics, community settings, and at home through technology and field-based teams.

“In today’s environment, Eleanor Health looks a bit different than in-clinic visits and meeting your Community Recovery Partner to get coffee. Now more than ever, though, that level of support, clinical care, and coaching is critical to people who use drugs and can be struggling with heightened uncertainty, isolation, and anxiety, “ added Srishti Mirchandani, co-founder and New Jersey general manager. “Our launch into New Jersey brings the comprehensive, whole-person model of care, and its unique Eleanor warmth to community members. Virtually or in-person, our commitment to decreasing harm and treating risky substance use with care grounded in evidence-based principles and tailored to each individual, does not waver.”

In the past year, Eleanor Health has opened clinics in five North Carolina communities, in addition to New Jersey’s opening of services, and is able to serve patients across both states through use of telehealth and technology.  Since launching in September of 2019, Eleanor Health’s team, including the teams of professional practices that provide direct care, has grown to include more than 50 team members, including over 40 medical, nursing, therapy and recovery support team members, adding capacity to serve hundreds of additional people in NJ and NC  struggling with addiction.

“The patients that walk through our doors, physically or virtually, are not seen as patients rather as community members,” said Dr. Nzinga Harrison, co-founder and CMO of Eleanor Health. “We strive to know the people we are serving beyond the list of diagnoses in their medical charts.  We want to know what is important to them, who is important to them, what brings them joy and purpose, so that we can provide whole-person treatment and support. Our goal is not just negative drug screens, but improvements in quality of life and meaningfulness. We couldn’t be more excited to continue our journey to recovery with those we serve, and the communities in which they live in and beyond Cherry Hill.”

In addition to the whole-person approach, Eleanor Health is designed to be financially accountable for long-term health outcomes which include access to and results of comprehensive treatment, such as medication assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid and other substance use disorders.

“At Eleanor Health we recognize addiction as a chronic condition and strive to provide recovery for life for all of Eleanor’s community members,” added Petro.

Eleanor Health is welcoming people into treatment in New Jersey while simultaneously integrating closely with the community. A sense of community is integral to Eleanor Health’s model – both with existing organizations and in creating new ties.

Eleanor Health is dedicated to:

  • Providing treatment where most convenient for community members, including a 100% virtual model from the safety and convenience of home In addition, Eleanor Health will open the doors to its outpatient clinic once public health circumstances permit.
  • Delivering comprehensive services including medication assisted treatment, psychiatric evaluation, treatment of co-occurring psychiatric conditions, medication management, individual and group therapy, nurse care management, support to address social determinants of health, and peer recovery coaching.
  • Operating on a payment structure that measures positive health outcomes achieved, including reducing total health care costs, providing unmatched access, and achieving high patient satisfaction.
  • Employing teams of medical practitioners, addiction clinicians, and peer recovery coaches with personal lived experience, to engage and support individuals to achieve their recovery goals.
  • Coordinating care across the healthcare and social services continuum in order to improve the patient journey and increase long-term recovery rates and overall health outcomes for individuals.

“Eleanor is very professionally run and effectively operated. The staff are very knowledgeable, kind and compassionate caring for their patients. I would recommend 10/10 and highly recommend it to any and everybody. They honestly care about each patient individually and are definitely the facility with the nicest workers. They know you by name and work even in snow storms for you,” said one Eleanor Health community member.

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