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Edible Garden, NJIT, USDA and EPA Partner to Study Nanobubble Technology

Edible Garden AG Incorporated of Belvidere, a leader in controlled environment agriculture (CEA), locally grown, organic and sustainable produce and products, has announced a research partnership with the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), studying the impacts of nanobubble technology on food safety of fresh produce and processing procedures.

Nanobubbles are tiny bubbles of gas, smaller than traditional bubbles, believed to improve plant growth and crop yields in soil-based and hydroponic systems. The research will aim to validate the potential benefits of nanobubbles for indoor agriculture and explore their impact on plant health, water usage, nutrient utilization, and energy efficiency.

Jim Kras, CEO of Edible Garden, commented, “We are excited about joining forces with NJIT, USDA, and EPA in this research partnership, as their commercial partner. The EPA (P2) funded partnership will focus on studying the use of nanobubble technology in a CEA environment. We believe that this research is well-aligned with our Zero-Waste Inspired® philosophy. Nanobubble technology has the potential to revolutionize plant nutrition, providing more nutritious plants with longer shelf lives, which could greatly benefit Edible Garden’s products.”

Patricia Millner, research microbiologist at the USDA commented, “The significance of this research cannot be overstated as it will shed light on the impact of nanobubble technology on plant growth. The results of the study are expected to provide concrete proof of the technology’s practical applications. Edible Garden’s involvement in the partnership is ideal, as their commitment to eco-friendly agriculture aligns well with the USDA’s goals.”

Wen Zhang, an NJIT professor and a state-licensed professional engineer in environmental engineering commented, “Edible Garden’s partnership in this research project is greatly appreciated. Its support, including providing space at its Belvidere greenhouse facility, to conduct the field verification research, will be instrumental in furthering the commercialization of nanobubble technology and the development of smart and precision agriculture. We look forward to working with Edible Garden to gain a deeper understanding of the effects of nanobubble technology on plant growth.”

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