EDDA Technology Introduces IQQA®-Guide Intra-Operative Precision 3D Navigation for Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgical Treatment

Princeton-based EDDA Technology, a provider in advanced imaging-guided precision treatment solutions, announced today that the company has received FDA clearance on IQQA®-Guide, a system that supports intra-operative precision 3D navigation for surgical procedures of thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic soft-organs.

IQQA®-Guide is the latest addition to the IQQA® Platform and Product Suite.  It expands the award-winning IQQA® precision 3D imaging analytics into the operating room.  Fully quantified and patient-specific IQQA® anatomic models are extracted from multi-modality images, and utilized for on-the-fly 3D navigation to support physicians in “seeing through” organ surfaces and quantitatively referencing anatomies of interest in 3D during surgery. Clinical studies (WICO 2015) suggest that IQQA®-Guide may help reduce the use of intra-operative CT scans during imaging-guided surgical procedures.

The treatment planning and follow-up assessment features provided by IQQA® -BodyImaging, a part of the IQQA® Platform, have already been widely used for liver, kidney, and lung cancers. IQQA® -BodyImaging has been proven to provide significant time-saving and improved patient care in more than 22,000 cases.

“With the latest FDA clearance, the IQQA® Platform now covers pre-operative planning, intra-operative navigation and monitoring, and post-operative assessment to complete the full cycle of imaging-guided precision treatment,” said Dr. Jianzhong Qian, President and CEO of EDDA Technology. “Powered by our precision 3D capabilities, IQQA®-Guide may help facilitate the next generation of minimally invasive and robotic treatments in precision medicine”.


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