Eaton Supports Largest Hospital Solar Installation in New Jersey

Power management company Eaton announces it has provided electrical distribution equipment, engineering services and solar inverters for a 6.3-megawatt (MW) solar installation at CentraState Medical Center in Freehold. The photovoltaic (PV) solar array annually will generate more than 8 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of sustainable electricity to help the nonprofit health organization offset approximately 25 percent of its total electrical usage – and reduce yearly greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to nearly six million pounds of burned coal.

KDC Solar, a New Jersey company that specializes in engineering, developing, owning and operating solar power facilities, selected Eaton for the project. The installation is fully financed by KDC Solar with CentraState Medical Center purchasing the power produced through a power purchase agreement.

“With a broad portfolio of solar power management solutions designed to reduce installation costs, boost plant reliability and minimize maintenance expenses, Eaton is well positioned to help CentraState Medical Center offset the rising cost of energy,” said Chris Thompson, grid power business unit manager at Eaton.

The ground mounted PV project incorporates Eaton’s balance-of-system (BOS) solar solutions to help support safe, cost-effective and reliable energy generation, including two Eaton® Power Xpert® 1500-kilowatt (kW) inverters and Eaton’s Cooper Power series Envirotran™ direct-coupled transformers, which are designed to help increase electrical resiliency in large commercial and utility-scale, grid-connect applications. Eaton also provided extensive engineering services, including arc flash analysis and coordination studies, to enhance the safety and reliability of the project.

“Because of the long useful life of the solar facilities we develop, equipment quality is a critical component and something we investigate very carefully to produce the maximum value possible for our customers over the life of the installation,” said Alan Epstein, president and chief operating officer at KDC Solar. “We selected Eaton to supply the majority of the electrical equipment on this project and believe we have made the right choice for the long term.”

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