During Govt Shutdown, Pro Bono PR for Companies with Heart

During the shutdown of the Federal government, federal employees who’ve been furloughed or are working without paychecks will be hard-pressed to keep up with their rent, mortgage and other monthly bills.

To help support their plight, Swordfish Communications, a public relations agency in Southern New Jersey, is offering free publicity services to any bank, lender or other creditor in the region that suspends required payments or waives interest or late fees for government workers for the duration of the shutdown.

“We’ve heard about some businesses that are showing compassion toward federal employees at this difficult time, and believe that sort of corporate behavior should be spotlighted, and rewarded,” said Swordfish Communications President Gary Frisch. “This is a small way to recognize, and maybe even encourage, other companies that choose to do the right thing. We should all be in this together.”

Swordfish Communications will help publicize businesses and institutions headquartered in Philadelphia and New Jersey that have suspended payments or interest, or pledge to do so, during the shutdown.  Service will be comprised of one news release distributed to local media and business press. To take advantage of the offer, businesses should contact Swordfish at 856-767-7772.

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