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Daburn Electronics Acquires Polytron Devices

Daburn Electronics, a supplier of wire, cable and electronic components, has announced the acquisition of leading power supply manufacturer Polytron Devices. Polytron Devices will now operate as a division of Daburn Electronics and will be moving its manufacturing and sales operations to Daburn’s headquarters in Dover.

“Polytron Devices has been manufacturing reliable and efficient power supplies, DC-DC converters and linear power modules since 1969 and has built a reputation for delivering innovative products that meet the highest quality and performance standards,” says Ed Flaherty, Daburn Electronics’ President and Chief Executive Officer. “We look forward to now making these best-in-class products available to our own customers while continuing to support Polytron Device’s commitment to new technology development.”

Sheri Lynn, Director of Sales at Polytron Devices, adds, “The acquisition is very positive for our customers. With Daburn Electronics’ support behind us we can leverage the benefits of a larger organization to further improve our R&D, product development and customer service.”

Daburn Electronics and Cable is based in Dover, and has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic wire, cable, braid, tubing and lacing tape since 1964. Daburn Electronics has tripled in size in the last eight years through its commitment to product development.

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