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CytoSorb Shipment Arrives in China

Monmouth Junction-based CytoSorbents Corporation, a critical care immunotherapy company with more than 80,000 global treatments of its CytoSorb blood purification technology to treat deadly inflammation in critically-ill and cardiac surgery patients, announced that its shipment of donated CytoSorb devices and accessories have arrived in Mainland China and have been delivered to designated hospitals to help treat “cytokine storm”, shock, and acute respiratory distress syndrome in critically-ill patients stricken with the COVID-19 coronavirus.

In addition, in collaboration with its partner, China Medical System Holdings Limited (CMS) (HKG:0867), a well-established, innovation-driven specialty pharma with a focus on sales and marketing in China, CytoSorbents has conducted the initial training of key critical care physicians at these hospitals in order to treat patients where indicated.  The rationale of CytoSorb blood purification treatment in COVID-19 coronavirus infected patients is to control the “cytokine storm” and massive systemic inflammatory response that can lead to organ failure, such as lung failure and circulatory collapse, as described in this Washington Post article entitled, “How the coronavirus can kill people.” To date, the COVID-19 coronavirus has infected over 81,000 people, killing nearly 3,000 globally, according to the World Health Organization.  Although the majority of cases have been in China, many new infections are being reported in countries around the world, including the United States, with Italy, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand reporting a recent surge in the numbers of coronavirus cases.

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