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CSBK Launches .BANK Domain to Enhance Customer Security

CSBK (Clifton Savings Bank), the banking subsidiary of Clifton Bancorp Inc., which operates banking centers throughout Northern New Jersey, has announced the official change of its domain name to

Unlike “.com,” “.net,” “.org” and other extensions, the .BANK domain is exclusively reserved for verified members of the global banking community who must also meet enhanced security requirements.

Powered by Verisign, the domain provides added security over non-financial domains, and adheres to security requirements developed by the American Bankers Association and its partners in fTLD Registry Services.  The end result: a .BANK address helps prevent users from being redirected to fake bank websites, makes it more difficult for fraudsters to create spoofed emails, and provides advanced levels of encryption.

CSBK employee emails will accompany the bank’s shift to the .BANK domain, with the new address of The bank’s original email addresses, including and, will automatically be delivered to the address. However, customers may still receive notification and promotional emails from

“What .BANK means for CSBK customers is enhanced protection against fraudsters obtaining sensitive information,” said Tricia Hrotko, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer at CSBK. “Even with this elevated level of security in place, our customers should continue to observe safe online practices.”

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