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Ridership Capacity Limits on NJ TRANSIT to Be Lifted

Ridership capacity limits on NJ TRANSIT as well as private-carrier buses, light rail, trains and Access Link will be lifted at 8 p.m., Wednesday, Gov. Phil Murphy said at today’s state press conference. Ridership had been ordered limited to 50% throughout much of the pandemic.

Murphy said that “in anticipation of the fact that at rush hour we are going to be starting to bump up against that 50% capacity, we have to call it as it is, and that’s the purpose of [lifting the ridership capacity limits].” He added that riders must continue to wear face coverings on all public and private-carrier transportation, including on platforms and inside stations.

Murphy also said today that he will suspend the requirement that political parties at the municipal and county levels hold reorganization meetings either today (July 13) or tomorrow (July 14), moving these meetings to July 27 and July 28. Additionally, he said any upcoming elections between now and November 3 are moved to the general election.

“Given that some local elections have yet to be decided, this is a prudent if not necessary step,” Murphy said. “This order further postpones all upcoming scheduled elections, including any special elections which may result from a vacancy to the November 3 general election.”

Public Health Update

New Jersey’s rate of transmission remains below 1 at 0.91, with just 892 hospitalizations statewide and 166 related intensive care patients, it was announced today. There were 22 new deaths.

While there were 231 positive COVID-19 test results announced today, many other states throughout the nation continue to see surges that dwarf the Garden State’s figure.

Murphy today reiterated that New Jersey is “paused” in Stage 2 of its reopening plan, with bans on indoor dining and other restrictions in place across all 21 counties.

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